Premium dating app where you can find only users with above – average attractiveness. You don’t have to waste time in filtering and finding real people.

Smart algorithm

WANA’s well-made algorithm can filter users corresponding to their style. We have rating system where you can grade users based on profile and we take your grades to search ones in your style.


True heart moves with true proposal. We have rose system that help you propose to your match. Your Rosie-proposal will definitely melt her/his heart.

I met my Ideal person from WANA

Hoa, 23 years old, Ha Noi

Hoa, 23 years old, Ha Noi

Hoa, 23 years old, Ha Noi

I met my Ideal person from WANA

Gia Linh, 24 years old, Ho Chi Minh

Stranger who request me for chat , is now my girlfriend.

Duc, 24 years old, Ho Chi Minh

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Meet new people everyday!

You can find your ideal soulmate by using Wana’s features


You can pick your most-favorite match among two matches by seeing which one you like better and who corresponds more to what you are looking for

Like / Dislike

do you like the person that was introduced to you? Express your interest by sending “likes”. Your preference selection will be calculated for next introduction

Sending Message & Chatting

Have you find “The right one”? Send message to request for conversation!

Be an examiner!

WANA allows you to see users’ profiles for free and evaluate to rate (1~5). Your rate will be calculated for their final score. Their fate is in your hand! If you rate them higher then 4 stars, they will automatically notice your profile.


We have special functions to find your true love!

Try to be as detailed as possible to increase your chance of meeting your soulmate

Basic info

Don’t forget to upload your best pictures and have your warm voice recorded to attract people with amazing profile . Show them what you like and what you don’t like to find people in common.

Your Story

Your favorite food? A special episode of your life? What are your hobbies? How often do you drink? Tell people more about you and give them a chance to understand you better!

Your Story

Record Your Voice

Photo Guide

We are not just Anyone, We are the ONE

Specifically designed only for Vietnam.

WANA is available everywhere in Vietnam